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Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) Org Charts by OrgChartCity


Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) Org Charts by OrgChartCity

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Updated: September 7, 2017

Recent News: September 27, 2017 - Visa Inc., in partnership with Oracle, today introduced Visa Advertising Solutions, a new suite of products to help merchants understand whether their digital advertising efforts are influencing consumer purchase decisions online and in-stores.  Leveraging digital advertising and cross-device connection data from Oracle Data Cloud with aggregated purchase data from Visa Advertising Solutions, merchants can measure consumer response to advertising campaigns run on mobile, display, video and social channels, and use the insights gained to optimize their efforts...Read More

The Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) Org Charts and Sales Intelligence Report contains insights to the decision makers for multiple departments including the following:

  1. Corporate Executives
  2. Marketing
  3. Information Technology (IT)
  4. Digital Products & Solutions
  5. Human Resources (HR)
  6. Legal

The Visa report also contains contact information for all the names listed in the report. The information is in the report and also comes in a separate .csv file.

OrgChartCity reports also deliver bonus notes that give particular insights such as budgets, major projects, and employee backgrounds and responsibilities where appropriate. All reports are delivered as a .ZIP file with the .PDF report and a .CSV file containing the contact info.

There are 77 contacts in the Visa OrgChartCity Report.

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