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FedEx Corporation Org Charts by OrgChartCity (NYSE: FDX)


FedEx Corporation Org Charts by OrgChartCity (NYSE: FDX)

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FedEx Corporation Org Charts by OrgChartCity

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The FedEx Corporation Organizational Charts and Contact Information Report delivers sales leads about to the decision makers for multiple departments including:

  1. Corporate Org Chart
  2. IT Org Chart
  3. Human Resources Org Chart
  4. Legal Org Chart
  5. Marketing Org Chart  
  6. Communications Org Chart 

"every report comes with an accompanying contact list that includes phone numbers and e-mail addresses"

The FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) Org Charts and Sales Intelligence Report contains insights to the decision makers for multiple departments including marketing, sales, human resources, legal, operations and information technology. The FedEx Report also contains insights to when and how the decision makers get involved in the buying process as well as an up-to-date list of current and active initiatives.

The FedEx org charts clearly outline the organizational reporting structures and where budget centers are located, how often they are set and who sets them. The FedEx Report will also deliver insights to schedules and timelines for making decisions and the requirements to participate in a sales final or RFP response.

Additional sections of the FedEx Report and Org Charts will detail what technologies have been deployed including those of the competition. Finally, the OrgChartCity sales intelligence report on FedEx will include details on how the IT department is organized. Is it centralized or decentralized? Are the decisions driven by IT or the business units? Download the FedEx OrgChartCity Report to find out.

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