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About Us - OrgChartCity

OrgChartCity is a salesman's best friend when it comes to needing a resource that delivers an accurate, current, and complete Fortune 500 decision-maker org charts and sales intelligence on where to find active buying cycles.

OrgChartCity is a Dallas, Texas based company that is owned and operated by David A. Bowman, a 20 year sales intelligence industry veteran. David and his team of sales intelligence experts are uniquely qualified because they've walked in the shoes of strategic account reps and they understand what's needed to build an effective strategic account plan and a targeted account based marketing plan. The OrgChartCity reports give strategic account reps and marketing managers a major head start and serious competitive advantage.

OrgChartCity is a spin off of Bowman Marketing Services (BMS). BMS has been developing customized Fortune 500 target account-based research reports for more than 15 years for the likes of VMWare, Boston Consulting Group, Cognizant, PegaSystems, Microsoft, and dozens of other leading high tech companies. Now, the Org Chart City team is enabling other companies to purchase similar org chart reports at a much more affordable price point in the OrgChartCity store.

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