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Org Chart Creation: Art or Science?

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Question:  “What's the best way to understanding Fortune 500 organizational structures?” Answer:  Two parts deduction, two parts intuition, two parts style, and a sprinkling of magic dust. Deduction comes from hard, sometimes repetitive work. Sifting through reams of information like executive profiles, annual reports, keynote speaker biographies, social media profiles, Google searches, and more. In addition, understanding how large companies operate and even how companies in specific industries operate helps deduce organizational structures. Intuition comes in part from personal and practical experience of how companies work and, perhaps more importantly, how do people act and work. Do people like to...

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Top 10 'Must Have' Sections of a Strategic Account Plan

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Over the years, we've come to the conclusion that no matter what complex product or service you're selling, you need to incorporate these 10 things into an effective strategic account plan or attack strategy. 1) Org Charts - Know who's at the top and bottom of the decision making food chain and everyone else that could potentially influence the sale in between. Furthermore, you need to understand how the company is organized by business unit or division and also by the lines of business (e.g. finance, accounting, operations, HR, legal, marketing, sales, and information technology). 2) Contact Information - Have...

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Sales Leads in a Hurry. How do I meet my Friday deadline?

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Question:  “I need quality leads for a Friday deadline. What are my options?”   Answer:  Finding quality leads depends on your account plan goals. Which of these match your priorities: Speed (I need them by Friday) Quality (I can't afford to waste my time chasing dead ends; VP & higher, decision makers or recommenders only) Quantity (I need leads for 100 accounts) Context (I must understand the lead and understand the account)   Speed: If you have a deadline of getting leads by Friday and today is Thursday, then you need leads any way you can get them, right? Possibly,...

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