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7 Things You Need To Know About Strategic Account Planning

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Strategic account planning isn't just about closing a deal. It's about understanding your target account's strategies, key initiatives, priorities, your relationships, and their organizational structure. Here are a few tips to build an effective strategic account plan:1) Choose the right accounts. What is your methodology for selecting your strategic accounts? Are you targeting a specific industry? A specific geography? Where have you had successes in the past? And why? What outward factors were present when you made a sale to your existing strategic accounts? Is there anything repeatable here?2) Use common language. Do you refer to your customers as 'customers',...

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Org Chart Creation: Art or Science?

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Question:  “What's the best way to understanding Fortune 500 organizational structures?” Answer:  Two parts deduction, two parts intuition, two parts style, and a sprinkling of magic dust. Deduction comes from hard, sometimes repetitive work. Sifting through reams of information like executive profiles, annual reports, keynote speaker biographies, social media profiles, Google searches, and more. In addition, understanding how large companies operate and even how companies in specific industries operate helps deduce organizational structures. Intuition comes in part from personal and practical experience of how companies work and, perhaps more importantly, how do people act and work. Do people like to...

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