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4 Ways to Build High Performing Account Based Marketing (ABM) Programs

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Whether you're just getting out of the gate with Account Based Marketing initiatives or you've been executing successful programs for years, columnist Peter Isaacson outlines 4 focus areas for your ABM programs.

1) Sales And Marketing Alignment - Alignment across your sales and marketing teams is the first critical step to successful ABM. ABM helps get the teams on the same page by focusing them on the same set of accounts.

2) Target Accounts - There are several ways to select target accounts. When it comes to the type of accounts on which to focus, the most common way is to simply target by company size — e.g., enterprise, mid-market, SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) — or by industry, or both.

3) Marketing Programs - Account Based Marketing programs can extend across the full funnel, from awareness to conversion and lead generation.

4) Measurement - During the past decade, B2B marketers have found religion when it comes to data and measurement. But while there are now mountains of data and thousands of ways to measure our performance, we need to do a better job of focusing measurement on business impact.

Account Based Marketing Infographic from Demandbase:

Account Based Marketing

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