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Which 60 Companies Remain on the 2016 Fortune 500 List from 1955?

David Bowman 1955 Fortune 500 List 2016 Fortune 500 List

Only 60 companies from 1955 Fortune 500 list still remain on the 2016 Fortune 500 List. See the 1955 Fortune 500 list here. Download the complete Fortune 500 List here. Here's a list of the 60 companies that are on both the 1955 list and the 2016 list: 3M Abbott Labs Alcoa Archer Daniels Midland Ashland AT&T Avon Products Boeing BorgWarner Bristol-Meyers Squibb Campbell Soup Caterpillar CBS Celanese Chevron Coca-Cola ConocoPhillips Crown Holdings Cummins CVS Deere Dow Chemical Dupont ExxonMobil Freeport-McMoran General Electric General Dynamics General Mills General Motors Goodyear Tire & Rubber Hershey Honeywell Hormel Foods IBM International Paper...

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Fortune 500 Interactive Data Visualizations (beta)

David Bowman data visualization Fortune 500 list Fortune 500 Research sales leads

Fortune 500 Interactive Data Visualizations People visit and revisit the Fortune 500 for lots of reasons, chief among them: job prospects, sales leads, corporate research and investor information. And bragging rights, of course. Please click on either of the two visualizations and you'll be linked to the Fortune beta website that will allow you to explore the Fortune 500. On the map you'll find every one of the U.S. headquarters from the 2016 list, on the line chart below it, you'll see how each of the companies on the 2016 list has moved through the ranks for the past 20 years....

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5 of the Best Sales Tips...EVER

David Bowman prospecting sales call sales tips

5 of the Best Sales Tips…EVER 1. It’s not what you say; It’s what your customer believes.2. Never go into a sales call not knowing how you’re going to close the sale.3. Have a dedicated time set aside either daily or weekly to do your prospecting.4. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing to help your customers.5. Show up and show up on time. Read the full article here.

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Top 10 Sales Tips

David Bowman sales tips selling

Top 10 Sales Tips You can sell only if you yourself are convinced Be clear and direct Pressure is an art Know your client It’s all about the presentation Be passionate and exciting If you don’t know the answer, do not guess Answer questions directly and clearly Humor is a great lubricator You can always be better Read the full article here.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Strategic Account Planning

David Bowman Org charts Organizational structure Strategic account planning

Strategic account planning isn't just about closing a deal. It's about understanding your target account's strategies, key initiatives, priorities, your relationships, and their organizational structure. Here are a few tips to build an effective strategic account plan:1) Choose the right accounts. What is your methodology for selecting your strategic accounts? Are you targeting a specific industry? A specific geography? Where have you had successes in the past? And why? What outward factors were present when you made a sale to your existing strategic accounts? Is there anything repeatable here?2) Use common language. Do you refer to your customers as 'customers',...

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