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OrgChartCity Launches Fortune 500 Org Charts e-Commerce Website (Press Release

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OrgChartCity issued this press release this morning on the PRWeb news wire:

OrgChartCity announces availability of Fortune 500 Org Chart reports featuring detailed HR, IT, Marketing, and Finance organizational structures on some of the largest global companies in Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Hospitality, Healthcare, Airlines, Telecommunications and other top industries.


OrgChartCity has launched an e-commerce website, powered by Shopify, to enable enterprise sales reps and field marketers to gain access to the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date org chart reports on demand. Traditionally, business intelligence vendors require expensive annual contracts to gain access to this type of deep target account intelligence. OrgChartCity is breaking the mold by offering individual reports at an affordable price point with no long-term contractual commitments.

"The OrgChartCity e-commerce website delivers access to individual company org chart reports that detail the parent, subsidiary and departmental structures across traditional lines of business like finance, HR, IT, marketing, sales, operations, legal, and procurement. In addition, OrgChartCity is reporting on many industry specific business units like engineering, creative, digital, e-commerce, and merchandising. If you're selling strategically to Fortune 500 companies, OrgChartCity offers unparalleled insights that enable account managers to navigate their target accounts and identify all of the decision makers, influencers, and recommenders that are part of an ever-changing and complex decision making process. At a minimum, we save our customers a tremendous amount of time and ideally we're connecting them with sales opportunities they didn't know existed." said David Bowman, CEO.

The OrgChartCity reports are designed to eliminate a lot of the research time that goes into the strategic account planning process. Strategic account executives get paid to sell, upsell and cross-sell, not spend countless hours researching their named target accounts. In the same vein, marketers don't have time to spend researching target accounts for accurate contact information so OrgChartCity has made the target account based marketing (ABM) process much easier by making the org charts and contact information spreadsheets available in the new OrgChartCity e-commerce site.

Each OrgChartCity report is updated regularly to reflect the organizational changes ranging from the CEO to the Senior Vice Presidents to the Vice Presidents to the Director level executives. Each report comes with a money back guarantee, which reflects OrgChartCity's confidence levels in the accuracy of the reporting structures and contact information.

"Building and maintaining accurate and up-to-date organizational structures for strategic selling is a very involved research process for out team. Our goal is to eliminate this time consuming process from our customers' sales process so they can focus on what they do best…selling" stated Mr. Bowman.

To read more about the best industry job titles to sell to and the top sections of a strategic account plan, visit the OrgChartCity blog.

About OrgChartCity
OrgChartCity is a Texas based company that is owned and operated by Mr. David A. Bowman, a 20-year business intelligence industry veteran. Mr. Bowman is uniquely qualified because he has walked in the shoes of the global account executive and understands what's needed to build an effective strategic account plan and a highly targeted account based marketing (ABM) plan. The OrgChartCity reports give reps and marketers a major head start and a serious competitive advantage by eliminating research time and putting sales reps in front of new decision makers.

OrgChartCity is a spinoff of Bowman Marketing Services (BMS). BMS has been developing customized enterprise-level target account based research reports for more than 15 years for dozens of leading strategic enterprise sales organizations.